We are proficient with most all windows based systems as well as Medisoft, Intergy, Nextech and eClincal. Coupled with state of the art technical equipment and professional customer service we enhance your business as an extension of your office.

When available we utilize the internet for claim status, research & reviews. We utilize a secure digital medical filing system so your patient’s records are safe and readily accessible.  We can also supply you with pre-posted Express Mail envelopes for the delivery of charge and payment information to our office.

A fax machine is all you need to RAPID FAX your patient demographics, encounter forms, payments, etc in a TOTALLY secure method which will go directly to our email.  If you prefer we have pre-postage paid mail envelopes which we will supply if you prefer to mail. 

Having made the major investment of money, personnel resources, time and education, along with a choice of the best electronic data interchange software; we are able to satisfy your specific practice needs.

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