Professional Billing Analysis, LTD. was formed in 1990 by Carole Wieczorek, CMA, CPC, with the intent to bring to her medical office the knowledge necessary to achieve maximum reimbursement from all third party payers. There was also the need to understand and keep abreast of the many changes the health care industry determines necessary for all medical practices.

With 35 years of experience in a medical office and 17 years teaching in a Medical Assistant and Coder Program, Carole developed her business with the flexibility to customize services and meet the needs of each client.

In 1994 PBA expanded its services to the medical community to include a complete and comprehensive medical billing service for individual and group practices.

Carole Weiczorek and selected staff members ARE Certified Professional Coders and use the Correct Coding Initiative (CCI), CPT, HCPCS and current ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes. As a team, PBA ensures an effective, organized and secure manner to process and submit medical claims, including follow up and reporting.

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